What is Vitamin B12?

– January 12th, 2013

If you’re having a trouble getting out of bed every morning, or feel exhausted by mid-day despite a steady stream of coffee, then consider getting some vitamin B12 shots for an all natural boost. Or, if you’re suffering from more serious symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression or anemia, then talk with your physician to see if a shortage of vitamin B12 might be the problem. Either way, studies show that vitamin B12 plays a vital part in assisting our metabolism, forming life sustaining red blood cells and protecting our central nervous system. We need vitamin B12, and plenty of it, to get through the day!

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12, or “cobalamin” as it’s also called, is a water soluble vitamin that is found in foods many people eat like chicken, beef, shellfish, and dairy products like eggs. While some plants and grains may contain B12, typically they contain minimal traces of the vitamin and humans absorb animal sources of B12 much, much better.

As a result, people who are on strict vegetarian diets, and particularly vegan ones that exclude dairy products, are more likely to suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Elderly people are also a high risk for B12 deficiency, because the body loses its ability to absorb the necessary vitamin properly as we age.

benefits of b12In addition to aforementioned conditions like anemia or chronic fatigue, people who suffer from a lack of B12 may incur a loss of balance, physical weakness and even numbness in their extremities. By getting some vitamin B12 shots, however, you can keep these nasty symptoms at bay!

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots

By getting vitamin B12 shots, and ensuring your body has enough of the life sustaining stuff, you’re body will process food much better and you’ll have some extra pep in your step. If you’re suffering from a severe B12 deficiency then the shots could speed up your metabolism significantly. Vitamin B12 also helps the body lower Homocysteine levels, which have been found to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Due to the role B12 plays in assisting the central nervous system, not only will the shots make you feel more alert, but studies show that the vitamin helps reduce changes to the brain that happen over time. In other words, if you’re worried about losing your memory or the ability to think on your feet as you get older, then vitamin B12 shots could be right for you!

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